Maratona / Marathon

Hello Mutizens,

We are completing 3 months online and we are very happy with it!

However I'm going to launch a challenge!

We want more players and we trust in the loyalty of all of you, we know that you want our server to be more powerful, great and fun (we also work for it), so I want everyone to collaborate to publish our server in groups advertise to friends and even post on forums.

If the marathon takes effect, I will apply gradual events to the server!

The more active players, the more events!

Warning: It is not worth logging into multiple accounts to create numbers, I have control of the number of unique players on the server!

Event 1: Boost experience for 1 weekend.

Event 2: Optimization in the event of DROP in lorencia.

Event 3: Invasion Boost.

Event 4: Package promotion containing VIP + GCoin!

New systems:

Optimization in the web quests system

PvP Battle System (Subtract 1).

Players who stand out in the promotion process will compete for a Game Master position!


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